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          0,2M USB-C Male to VGA Female adapter

          The USB / VGA adapter cable is used to provide a VGA port for mobile devices to be connected to a monitor. Connectors The USB Type C interface is mainly found on mobile devices such as laptops, MacBooks, tablets and smartphones. USB-C has the same transfer capabilities as the USB standard Type A, but has some advantages: Connector A: USB 3.1 Type C, male First, it is a universal connector with the ability to translate the most common signals such as USB 2.0, USB 3.1, Apple Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, HDMI and image and sound. Connector B: VGA, female Furthermore, the plug is symmetrical; there is no default direction Contact Resistance:2Ω (max.) and it can be plugged both sides up.Material:Plastic housing Colour:White, glossy Cable Inner Conductors: Copper Outer Diameter: 3.9 mm AWG: 34 Insulation Resistance: 10M Ω (min.) DC 300V/10ms Colour: White Length: 20 cm Transmission: Supports DisplayPort 1.2 / HDCP60 Hz 1920x1200@60Hz
          Manufacturer: TTL Network Gmbh
          EAN: 4260310269955
          SKU: USBC-VGA-MF-0.2M
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